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Happy New Year & Spring Mini GIVEAWAY!

Happy New Year (a little late)!! I’ve emailed out some information about sessions and scheduling, if you didn’t receive the email and would like to, let me know! Spring Minis will be scheduled on Saturdays in April and May, sign ups coming in March!  The cost is $200, 35 min., edited images included.  I’m doing…

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Happy New Year! Spring Mini Session Giveaway!

Congratulations Sarah!! Happy New Year!!  2015 came and went with a whirlwind of wonderful!  I thoroughly enjoy photographing your families!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.  I’m giving away a FREE SPRING MINI SESSION! Good for a spring 2016 mini session during the months of March – May.  Lots of…


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  • Amber

    Will be scheduling spring photos soon!

  • How fun—just what I needed to get excited about spring 🙂

  • Kathy

    I love how you can capture those magic moments of our active boys!

  • Melissa

    Can’t wait to document my little boy again this year!

  • Kristina

    Would love to win this session to start off the springtime.

  • Allison

    Always love your work! Would love to win a free mini session!

  • Amy Wilcox

    so excited for this!

  • Heidi

    Would love to win! Love your work!

  • I’m so excited about Spring minis! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • You are so generous to give a session away! What a blessing!

  • Jamue

    Need an updated family photo

  • Andrea

    Can’t wait for Spring!!

  • Stefanie Polk

    LOVE your work!

  • Nicole Scharmann

    Would love to win! Loved our very first session with you. Won’t be our last!

  • Beth Haynie

    You always capture the best photos of our family!! I would love to win a session so I can have spring and fall pictures! You are the best!

  • Lori Chudy

    I love your work!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Trudie Capes

    Would love to have a new session by you again! We missed you while we were in Seattle!

  • Anita

    Ooh! I hope I win, Just in time for some cute baby pictures. 🙂

  • LaDonna W

    Can’t wait to schedule you again this year.

  • Sarah Cothren

    Would love to win for Jax’s birthday session! You are the best and we are lucky to have found you 5 years ago 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for this oportunity!

  • Casey Shell

    Would love to win this!

  • Ranee Fratangelo

    This would be perfect for our family.

  • Kim M

    How fun!! I’d love to do an anniversary shoot to celebrate our upcoming 25th!

  • Danniele Worsham

    I’m so excited! Your photography is always beautiful, and I hope to finally get family pictures this year! Looking forward to it.

  • Karen

    Love all of you.

  • Tyler

    We love our mini sessions;.

  • Lora

    We love Kim and how she captured our family so well!

  • Abigail D.

    We have loved our pictures from Kim! She is the best!

  • Maryellen F

    Oh! Each spring and fall I think about doing these mini sessions, but I always procrastinate until everyone is booked!

  • Mandi

    We are WAY overdue for our family pictures! I would love some of our whole family, but it is so hard to get everyone in the same place!

  • Tracy abney

    We missed our fall session so this would be amazing!

  • Devan

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Amy

    Always impressed by Kim’s work!

  • Diana

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Kristen

    Would love to win this and have a pregnancy mini session with our family!

  • Keli Scearce

    Love your pictures!

  • Quincy

    I love being photographed by you!

  • Bianca

    Whoohoo!! So excited! ?

  • Sara

    Your gallery is beautiful!

  • Cassie blake

    Oh I would love to give this to my parents as a surprise anniversary present!!!!!

  • Lexie

    Love your photography, would love to win!

  • Jen

    New baby + spring mini session = perfect timing!

  • Donna

    Love your work!

  • Kira

    Thanks for capturing my family’s moments over the last several years!

  • Lindsey Clark Baugher

    Beautiful photos!

  • Katie Ashcroft

    It has been so fun to have you photograph our family through the years from when we were teenagers, married, and now our own kids! Thanks for sharing your talent 🙂

  • Stacey

    Would love to try you out, as you have photographed many of my friends and their families and I’ve loved everyone of their shoots.

  • Talise p

    Such amazing pictures! I would love a spring session 🙂

  • Elise

    Love your pi!ctures

  • Aly

    I would love to get some photos taken this spring!

  • Emily

    I love all of your work! I would love to win this!

  • Amy Wallace

    Would love to win!! Your photos are gorgeous!!

  • Debbie

    Can’t wait for more pictures of all the Mayfields!

  • Chantel

    Can’t wait for our mini session!

  • betsy

    Desperately need a family photo, would love to win this! My kids are growing up so fast–

  • Ina Scitt

    Would love to win, photographs are beautiful!

  • Chelsea Ringuette

    I love looking at your photos!

  • Stephanie

    Love your photography!

  • kelli

    Every time I see your work I think how we need to have you take our picture!

  • Anne Collier

    I love Kim’s work and it’s been way too long for family photos.

  • Charity

    So exciting!

  • Amanda

    So glad we found you! Still love looking at the photos you did for us!

  • Jen C.

    I have admired your work for so long, your photos are stunning! How amazing it would be to win!

  • Courtney

    Love your pictures!! Beautiful and will cherish for always!! 🙂

  • Cassidy

    Would love so much to win a Spring session!

  • Sarah

    Better than Christmas. Except, when your MIL gives you a session FOR Christmas!

  • Susan Lewis Page

    How exciting! We would love to win! 🙂

  • Shannon

    We love your work and would love to win!

  • Jennifer Frost

    Wonderful pictures! We loved our session with you! Would love another! You are so talented 🙂

  • Sarah

    You are the best photographer Kim! I hope I win!

  • Laura D

    Kim always takes amazing photos!!

  • Kristen

    Always love the pictures you take, Kim! 🙂

  • Erica

    Yay for your beautiful pictures!

  • Ashley

    Love your pictures!! I would love to win a mini session!!!!

Free Photo Session Giveaway!

Congratulations Emily!  Thanks to everyone who entered! ——————– Another wonderful year is coming to an end…thank you all for making it so great! I will be giving away one free -regular 90 min. session to be booked and photographed at a Madison/Huntsville location sometime January through August of 2015!  To enter follow the directions at the bottom of this…


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  • Abigail D.

    Thanks for always taking such great pictures of our family! You are the best!

  • Tracy

    I love giveaway time!

    Thanks for being so good at what you do, Kim. I absolutely treasure our pictures every year.

  • Mandy

    The pictures look great!

  • Kira

    My family loves spending time with you! Thanks for capturing those moments as my girls grow before my eyes.

  • Sarah

    Kim! You are so talented! We love our pictures!! We will be coming back every year:)

  • amy Middleton

    Love having you capture our growing family every year! <3

  • Kelly

    Love my pictures!! Thankyou!!

  • Shannon

    Thanks for capturing our family so perfectly! We would love to win! 🙂

  • Jean Marie

    Thanks for capturing our growing family for the past 4 years!!

  • Sara

    We are so glad we found you, Kim!! The pictures you take are always amazing!

  • Casey

    What a great giveaway! Maybe we can make up fire Amelia’s horrible attitude from our last session. 🙂

  • Alisha

    My favorite giveaway of the year!

  • Justen Alexander


  • Amber

    I love Kim’s work!

  • Nicole

    I love your photography! 😉

  • Stephanie

    I love our photos with Kim

  • Jenny

    Your work is beautiful and I look forward to having you capture my family sooner than later!

  • Destiny Wood

    Beautiful work!

  • Ashley Mazanis

    You are so talented! We loved how our first minis with you turned out. 🙂

  • Cassidy

    Would love to win a free session! Love all of our pictures by you 🙂

  • Jessica

    We love Kim and every picture she takes of our family!

  • Sarah

    I love your work! I have yet to have you photograph my family. But I plan to at some point! You are so talented!

  • Mandi

    The pictures you took of our family are still some of my favorites!

  • Megan

    Love your photos.

  • Mary Jones


  • Kristen

    We are so blessed to have you as our photographer! You are so wonderful!

  • Samantha

    Absolutely love Kim and her work

  • Tyler


  • Aaron Hearne

    Good Stuff!

  • Amber

    I would love to win.

  • I love all the newborn pics and can’t wait to schedule a session with you in the spring! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Allison Moore

    Beautiful pictures! Would love to win!

  • mary

    SO glad to see you won the Rocket City award!

  • Selena

    My family was so happy with our pics. Kim is a great photographer.

  • I love the photos you take of my family—it’s like you see them how I see them 🙂

  • Courtney

    Beautiful pictures to be cherished! We love your work and your way with our family. Luke asks when Miss Kim will come back again. 🙂

  • Jessica South

    We love Kim and all the pictures she takes of our growing family!

  • Amber R

    Kim you’re the best! All of our pictures are so beautiful!

  • Allison

    we absolutely adore our pics you did!

  • Aly

    We love your work, Kim!

  • Ginger Huffman

    I love my pictures from Kim!!

  • Kimberly Day

    We love you pictures and can’t wait for our next session!

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe you have been taking our pictures for over 3 years! We love every picture that you’ve ever taken of us and I love how you ALWAYS capture the boys personalities so perfectly! You are awesome!!

  • Scott Wotell

    ALWAYS great pictures of our girl!!

  • Stephanie N

    Love these pictures!

  • Ben Denton

    Love your work, Kim! Looking forward to having more pictures from you in the future!

  • Sharon Horrocks

    We have always loved the sessions we have done with you and the pictures that you have taken!

  • Trudie Capes

    Always pleased with our photo sessions with you! Would love some 3-6month pics of Ava with Isaac!

  • Chantel Minish

    Can’t wait until our photo session later this week!

  • Anna Zolynsky

    LOVE LOVE LOVE a greenfield photography 🙂

  • Emily Parr

    We love our first baby pics!

  • Amy Dilocker

    Love Kim’s work and have recommended her to all my friends and a lot of them are now clients!

  • Kimberly

    We love all the pictures that we have you take every year. This would be great to win!

  • Kathryn Sparks

    We love A.Greenfield photography.

  • Kimberly Cone

    Love you!

  • Shawn Anderson

    You are truly blessed with great talent Kim! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  • Kim M

    You have such a wonderful talent – love all you do!

  • Megan

    Yay for free photos with an awesome woman and wonderful photographer!

  • Patty Bohan

    I absolutely love what you can do, such talent. Hope I’m lucky enough to win a free session, but who am I kidding? I’ll schedule even if I don’t win!!

  • Aly

    Best photographer ever! Would love to win :):)

  • Beth

    Loved seeing all the beautiful pictures!

  • Stefanie Polk

    Love your work! You are so talented!

  • Sarah

    Amazing work!!! We would love to win!!!

  • Amanda Adams

    Love your work!

  • Julie Richardson

    Kim is amazing!!! Our family photographer!!!

  • Lacey Haynie

    Love, love, love!

  • Lora

    Love seeing you and the great pictures you take of us all! Thanks!

  • Lacey Haynie

    Love, love, love! Add me to your email list, please! (

  • Kerri Dyer

    I love your photography! I know Chelsea will want to have you photograph her wedding in the spring, whenever that is…

  • Liz

    You are an amazing photographer. I love all of your work!

  • Stefanie Smith

    Stunning images! Would love a family/maternity session by you!

  • Diana Abel

    We love your work, Kim! Thanks!

  • leslie moorer

    Love your work!

  • Dana savage

    Love your work!! Best photographer, thankful to have you help me capture moments of my little ones while they grow!!

  • Melissa Wallace

    Love our photos!

  • Katie Ashcroft

    Thanks for sharing your talent! You are awesome!!

  • Erica

    Thank you for all of the wonderful family photos this year!

  • Allison Lewis

    Would LOVE to win this!

  • Cathy Kerby

    Thank you Kim…. We love the photos….

  • Susan

    How fun! Awesome giveaway 🙂

  • You do great work. I’d love to take family portraits with you.

  • jana

    Love your style…

  • Audra

    Can’t wait for our next session!

  • Makaria Coley

    You have done such a great job with my sister and sister in laws family pics! Hope I get a chance to get some photos done by you!

  • allison blackburn

    Kim is great! Love her work!

  • Erin

    We love Kim. She has captured some sweet moments of our family!

  • Amy Cunningham

    your pictures are amazing! I would love to win!!

  • Danniele Worsham

    So glad I found this, because I didn’t realize you had an email list. 🙂 I loved my author pictures and would enjoy having family pictures done too. Can’t wait to hear about your availabilities and plans for next year!


  • April Gero

    Your pics are AMAZING!!! I so enjoy seeing pic posts on FB. We would love a chance to have you take our pics especially since we have had our last baby which is 3months old now. Family of five has been great !!

  • Shana

    Kim- We love our family photos! Thank you for giving us wonderful memories.

  • Rachel S.

    You are an amazing photographer who has captured the best moments of my life. I hope it keeps happening!

  • Dallas Graydon

    You are an awesome photographer! I love every smile that you have captured of my family!!!

  • cathy

    fabulous photos!!! adorable and precious!

  • Emily

    Love that you do this each year!!

  • Nicole Scharmann

    I would love to win! Your photography is amazing!

  • Mary C

    I would LOVE to win this – I had a baby in September and would love to have family photos made with him this spring 🙂 Thank you! Mary

  • erin h.

    Oh,how i would love to win this!

  • Lisa Izatt

    You are awesome! That’s all 🙂

  • Anne C.

    Kim, we let this year get by too fast and have missed having you photograph our family. I won’t let that happen in 2015!

  • Lori Chudy

    I love your photography and can’t wait to get our next session in the Spring, unless I’m lucky enough to win this one!!! 🙂

  • Lisa


  • Jennifer Frost

    Love your work! Everything I’ve seen has been great & have some friends who have used you & their pictures were to die for 🙂

  • beth clark

    pick me

  • Thomas S.

    Thanks for the awesome pictures, Kim! The family loves them!

  • Tamara Richardson

    We loooved our first photo shoot with you last year. It was the first time we had a family photo in years. In looking forward to a new picture!

Happy Holidays! | Free Session Giveaway!

As the year is quickly coming to an end it’s time again for my annual free photo session giveaway!  It’s been a whirlwind year of busyness capturing so many families.  One of my favorite things about this year was watching so many of your families growing, adding tiny new ones or announcing the arrivals of new…


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  • Melina Chasteen

    Love your work!

  • Casey Shell

    Would love to win this session! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Patty Bohan

    I love seeing all the moments you’ve captured! Great work, you have so much talent.

  • Alisa Henrie

    I always love to see your work Kim, I love what you do with framing and light.

  • Sarah Torgersen

    I adore my pictures from Kim!

  • Rebekah Robertson

    Pick me! Pick me! 😀
    What can I say, you are the greatest! :]

  • Samantha Jones

    I love all of your pictures! You capture great moments!

  • Erin H.

    Oh, how I would love to win this–thank you for the chance! Merry Christmas!

  • Kerri DYer

    I love every picture we have ever gotten from Kim. I’d love to have family pictures too!

  • Sarah bailey

    Your work is amazing and inspiring!

  • I love you pics and I’d love to be part of them!

  • Sarah Cothren

    I would love to win. It would be just in time for Jax’s 3 year pics! 3 years? Weren’t you just doing his newborn pics?!

  • Treva

    Looking forward to new pictures in the spring. You are the best.

  • Lori

    I can’t wait to have our pictures taken this spring! Your work is lovely!

  • Stephanie

    You take such beautiful pictures! I would love to have a session!

  • Justen

    I would love this!

  • Michelle Robbins

    I love all of your pictures you are very talented! Would love you to take some of my family.

  • Erica

    Looking forward to scheduling for next year! We always love our sessions!

  • Katie Lewallen

    Kim – your work is amazing, and you are so fun to work with! We are looking forward to our next session 🙂

  • Beth

    Kim takes all our family photos and always does an amazing job. I love all of them!

  • I would love to have some family pictures taken before I leave for my mission! 🙂

  • Melissa Van Otten

    Fantastic! You always do a great job!

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Lisa McNeal

    Gorgeous work! I am a huge fan!

  • Chantel

    We love your work! Maybe we’ll win to use for Norah’s 1-year photos!

  • Jessica South

    We’ve gotten so many compliments on our pictures – you are the best!

  • Susan

    Love your pictures!

  • Alicia Sorrell

    I love your work! You’re amazing! 🙂

  • Mary

    Always advertising for you:) Always a fan!

  • Janelle Hansen

    I would love to win !!!

  • Kimberly Cone

    I love giveaways and your photos!

  • Melissa Barrow

    Snap. Crackle. Pop. We think u rock! And we need some new family pics since I’ve lost some serious lbs since the newborn session. Merry Christmas!

  • Kristen

    You are the best! Always love our pictures with you!

  • Amber Ritter

    Kim you’re the best. Capture the most wonderful photos!

  • Tanya Mitchell

    Love your pictures!

  • Amber

    I love the photos you have made of my family!

  • kelli

    I’m working hard to lose the baby weight from my latest baby. A session with you would be great motivation to kick it into high gear. ; )

  • Danielle Moran

    I’d love to have a session when John gets back from deployment! 🙂

  • Sara

    We would love a full session!

  • Trudie

    We loved our fall family pictures! Isaac looked like a little model even with a playground meltdown! 🙂 Would love more!

  • Amber Merrill

    Two of my favs in this collage!

  • Dana savage

    I’ve been so blessed to have so many beautiful moments captured by your talented eye. Love Your Work!!

  • Abigail Dobbins

    Thanks for the giveaway! We love the pictures you have taken of our family!

  • Alisha Mayfield

    You know you are my favorite. 🙂

  • Autumn Laslo

    We are looking for a family photographer to capture our memorable moments for our family and your work is amazing! We would love the session for our son’s 1st birthday!!

  • Rachel Downs

    I have been married two and a half years and still have people ooh and ahh over how well the day was captured!

  • Beth

    We’d LOVE to win!

  • Karen

    This is my year!

  • Sarah Bigelow

    We would love to win this! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Jamie Dayton

    beautiful work, I am new to the area and would love an updated family photo!

  • Jeanette Chudy

    My daughter would love this!

  • Amy Dilocker

    I love all the pictures you took of our family almost 3 years ago and would love to have updated photos from you! So glad that you have been photographing so many of my friends, I love seeing how you capture their personalities!

  • Tiffany Buchanan

    Kim you are so talented! I love your work!

  • Aly

    We love your pictures!

  • I would love to win this for my family. My mother is terminally ill and I would love to have some lasting pictures of our family!! Thanks so much!!

  • Would love this for my family!

  • Love your work! Would love to win the session. 🙂

  • Christy Haiges

    Thank you so much for the wonderful photos you have taken of our family. Please enter us in the drawing!

  • Amber Salmon

    Please, please, pleeeeeeeease!!

  • Allison Kana

    I always love the beautiful images you capture of my sweet neice Emma Marie Mitchell, hoping one day to travel to Huntsville to have you take my engagement pictures 🙂 P.S. not engaged yet, but a girl can hope/plan.

  • Cassie Adams

    You have taken amazing photos of some of my dear friends! Love your work! 🙂

  • Pat

    Kim’s work is amazing!! Would love to win the session!

  • allison blackburn

    Love your work!!! always a fabulous shoot – you get the best shots!

  • Stephanie Haines

    I love my photos from Kim!!!

  • Karen palmer

    Lovely pictures! Would love the session for my family. Very talented photographer!

  • Debbie

    Kim is an amazing photographer!! So talented!

  • jen marshall

    heck yeah, i would love to win!

  • Ashley

    I have always wanted to have you take pictures of our family but haven’t done so yet. I would love to win. You are so very talented!

  • Cassidy T

    We loved all the pics from our fall mini session. Would be SO awesome to win! 🙂

  • I just have seen two of your photo sessions and I Loved them, You are a very talent Photographer.

  • Mandy Hammons

    PIck me! PIck me!!!

  • Sara Phillips

    Your work is beautiful!

  • Lauren

    love your photos! xoxo

  • Abbey Reeves

    Would love to be picked! Our first baby is due in January and I would love to have some family photos post-arrival! My friends use you for their family portraits and I am always jealous! You do such a great job!!!

  • Season Kahalley

    We absolutely love your photos!

  • Season Kahalley

    We love your photography!!

  • Charity Carpenter

    I would love to have you photograph my family again as it grows, since you were there the day it started!! (Also, I throw your name out there for anyone getting married 🙂 haha)

  • Carrie

    Thanks for adding a little more excitement to the season!

  • Emily Kim

    Would love to do another session with you!!

  • Kelly Job

    I love your photography!

  • Wendy Robertson

    Would really LOVE to win this!!! A family picture before Amanda goes on a mission for 18 months would be so wonderful!!! And the day you draw the winner is my birthday, so HAPPY Birthday to me!!!! that would be an AWESOME birthday gift!!!!! 😉

  • anna fowler

    I hope it is okay I am entering all the way from Arkansas. I’ve got a friend that lives near you with 2 sons born with clefts, and I thought I’d enter this, then if I win, I could give it to her. Love your photography Kim!

  • Meghan Kingsford

    I would love to have a maternity session done! And who would do it better than you?! No one, that’s who 🙂

  • Mandi

    Would LOVE to win this!!:)

  • Kathy Wilson

    Love, Love your pictures!

  • Aly Giles

    We would love a session! Kim is the best!!

  • LaDonna W

    I love your work and recommend you all the time. We would love to get more pictures from you in 2014.

  • Tamara R

    Love the family portraits you took a few months ago. It was the first time in years that we had a family pic done. Thanks again.

  • Sarah P.

    Your photography is so beautiful! Everyone always looks stunning in your photos 🙂


    I would love to win a free session!!

  • Whitney

    We loved our fall mini session! Hope to do one this spring also!

  • Felicia Inman

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you!!!

  • Lisa

    Love your pictures! I hope I win!!

  • Amy Middleton

    Would love to win a free session!!!!!!

  • Emilee Vonk

    I love Kims work!! Winning would be awesome!

  • carrie


  • Allison

    Would love to win!

  • Taylor Dinges

    Love your work!!!!

  • Taylor Dinges

    Love your work!!!!!

  • Kim Mayfield

    Would love to get Kyle’s senior portraits done!

  • Ashley C

    Wow, you has some amazing photos! Would love to win!

  • Jessica

    Fingers crossed! 🙂


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