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This & That…our holiday and end of 2009

Grant turned seven… Chocolate cup cakes, we took to the ward party.  Overalls that he has been asking for, for a very long time.  Now he can be dressed properly for working on Papa’s farm-we’re headed there in March! Some fair winter weather & our garden… Alabama weather continues to baffle and frustrate me.  Over…


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  • Those overalls make me smile! Savannah, my truly obedient child, smashed a snowglobe to smithereeeeens when she was tiny too. Loved this post, great year round up 🙂

  • Quincy

    I love the picture of Grace on the bike and Grant with his cupcakes. I also love the poem at the end. Happy New Year, Kim!

  • I lost my snowglobe about two years ago. Luckily my favorite decorations are wooden and more difficult to destroy. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2010 and enjoying more of your wonderful photograph!

  • Sara

    I think it is a Seed pod from Sweet Gum Tree (liquidambar styraciflua).

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I’ve loved seeing 2009 through your camera’s eyes and can’t wait for next years pictures.

  • Hope

    Previous comment is correct, Sweet Gum pods from the local Sweet Gum trees are ABUNDANT to say the very least!! The squirells and birds love them, so we typically leave them be. But you can paint them black and sprinkle some glitter dust on them during October for some festive Halloween decore, or metalic gold or silver or sparkly white for some Winter Holiday crafts. Once they have all been emptied by the animals they can also be raked up and used as an interesting mulch for your flower beds. Just some thoughts!!

    Love the Christmas memories!! How beautiful!!

  • Angie Nelson

    Loved your end of the year holiday post! Sounds like your happy and content. I hope this next new year brings more happiness and joy your way! By the way my friend who lives in that area too made a really cute wreath out of her pods:) Just an idea…

  • Lori

    We loved using our Sugar Gum tree seed pods to make some snow-crusted ornaments for our tree (rolled in glue and dipped in white snow-like glitter. They could make great pretend ammunition for Grant’s fort or look great in floral arangements or other decor/crafts. They’re so unique and pretty aren’t they! It’s so fun to see Grant and Grace’s enjoyment in this season, despite the temp changes. We wish each of you a wonderful new year!

  • Wendy Robertson

    Love the year in review. Love the cupcake face. Love how sweet Gracie looks being a mommy to her baby doll. I love all the cool photo techniques. Love Love teh shot of Christmas morning, with the fireplace and Santa’s gifts in the middle! What a cool pic!!!

  • How funny – our kids got some similar Christmas presents!! But WHERE did you get those beads for Grace (in the picture with her pushing the shopping cart)??? Because I looked long and hard for some for Bella and didn’t find a single one!!!! I’ll be grabbing you on Sunday to find out 😀

  • Hi Kim! I’ve been following your blog for awhile (I am just in love with your work!) and just wanted to wish you and your beautiful family a very Happy New Year! Keep up the amazing work 🙂 Happy birthday to Grant and I hope you all have a wonderful 2010 ahead 🙂

  • Natalie

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas at your house. Grant and his overalls…too cute! Beautiful pictures, Kim.

  • Andrea

    Just so you don’t think Sweet Gum trees are unique to Alabama (although they could be indigenous to that area — I have no idea), the big tree in front of our house growing up on 14th street was a Sweet Gum. We had tons of those seed pods floating around. Very cute Christmas pics!!

Just Grant

And you already know how much I love him.


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  • Wow! I love it, and I love that you share how much you love him. He is so lucky to have you as his mom, Kim!

  • Karen

    His eyes are just amazing. Love his ezpression too. Happy New Year!

  • Amazing!

  • Wendy Robertson

    Those EYES!!!!!! Wow!!!


If Baby Girl is going to have the gift of gab, she inherits it from her father.  I on the other hand am not much of a phone person, or talker… maybe that’s why I love email and blogging so much and why Mark and I get along so well.  Grace does tend to jibber-jabber…


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  • Hope

    Okay. You mentioned 21 months and I cannot believe she is almost 2!! No way!! I love when two opposites really do attract!! Shawn and I get along great in similar ways as well!!

  • So glad that you are enjoying your holiday and taking a break. I’ve enjoyed sleeping in too. I’m glad that we both break through our phone annoyance and talk every once in a while. Hearing your voice always lifts my spirits 🙂

  • Diana

    What book did you start reading?!

Sunday- keeping it real

Gracie not wanting to hold hands: Oops, hand in the way: Balancing kids, but then falling in my flower beds: Both looking, but overexposed: Have I mentioned how much I love this boy? And as we come to the end of the year, a few words about my Sunday posts… I started my Sunday Posts…


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  • Quincy

    This is one of my all-time favorite posts.

  • Jen

    Oh my! I can’t believe Gracie was that little…and just THIS year!? I have loved these posts and have looked forward to seeing the Greenfield kids all dressed up in their finest duds every week.

    And it’s nice of you to make the rest of us feel good by occasionally posting your “not-so-good” shots. 🙂

  • Alisha

    I love it, I can’t believe how much Grace (and Kenadie) have grown this year. Sad, but exciting!

  • These pictures just melt my heart. I have some projects in mind for this year, and you have just motivated me even more to do them.

  • How fun to see how much they have grown!!

  • Natalie

    Love the first one, Gracie not wanting to hold his hand, too cute! Your Sunday posts are a treasure for you, wonderful idea.

  • I ALWAYS love your Sunday posts! I have wanted to start something like that myself, but I never seem to remember in the chaos of the day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family through your beautiful photography.

Merry Christmas!


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  • Hope

    And a Very Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

  • Sara

    Merry Christmas to you too!! I love that font…what is it?

  • Merry Christmas!!! I hope you have a relaxing and wonderful day together.

  • Natalie

    Love these 2 blue eyed beauties! Have a wonderful Christmas. Thinking of you Friend!

  • Karen

    Hope your day was great. I love those pictures of the wedding. I will always be in awe of your talent. Glad to know you and even happier to call you my friend! Enjoy the rest of your holiday break.

  • Little ones are always so adorable in hats and scarves, their blues are are amazing! I hope your Merry day was wonderful.