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  • So sweet.

  • beckik

    Ooo I love Gracie’s dress! It was fun seeing you yesterday, even just for a sec!

  • Jen

    Love it!

  • Sara

    Look at all the hair!

  • Alisha

    I love your Sunday posts. You should do a blog book with just them.

  • Natalie

    Grace is looking like such a big girl! Miss them both!

  • Jessica M

    Love the first one!

  • beautiful! belongs in a catalog.

It’s raining a bit today…

…but I don’t mind at all and neither does she. Gracie is 17 months old…how did I miss that a few days ago? Things she loves: music and dancing her brother Grant looking at books pushing her baby around her stuffed dog and blanket talking giving kisses & squeezes running around after Grant doing anything…


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  • Beth

    I love her little jeans! She is growing up fast!

  • Those shoes are adorable! I love her bright smile too!

  • Sara

    She sure is getting big. I think we have those same jeans. Why do jeans look so cute on babies?

    I love her shoes too!

  • We so needed the rain today, such a blessing. So fun to see her hair coming in, it makes her look so big.

This & That…catching up

Aunt D. We had fun with Aunt Diana, so nice to have her here for a week, she would play and play with the kids!  Gracie even said “Dnana” by the time she left.  She made our routine tasks of the day a little brighter! Everyone was sad to see her go… Our boy Grant….


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  • Angie Nelson

    How fun to have Diana come to visit! Isn’t it great when family comes? I love your this and that posts they make me smile. Especially that miss Grace she is quite something! Grant is cute too but there is just something about her sweet smile that gets me! Thanks for sharing

  • Oh my goodness, the picture with Grace and D looking out the window — like a twin to your mom!

  • Cindy

    Bryce looks so funny in the sprinkler. I guess he was holding his breath?!?

  • Jessica M

    You have so many great personality pictures in this set. Loved it!

  • Natalie

    I have to ask, did Grace get into the mascara? And how cute that she went for her eyes? These are fun pictures, it looks like you all really enjoyed having Diana there.

  • Sara

    Your THIS and THAT’s are my favorite too! All amazing photos…so wonderful to keep all the moments ALIVE!

My Clematis

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. Helen Keller


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  • That is a different kind than I have seen around here — beautiful!

  • Jessica M

    I love the way you take something ordinary and make us see it in a new way. Very lovely.

  • Hope


Nathan + Katie

Warning…many pictures of a very stunning couple!  I am so lucky this month, another beautiful bride & groom and reception!  What a wonderful celebration, the location superb-Burritt on the Mountain.


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  • What can I say? Absolutely gorgeous! Your wedding photos always make me want to go back and do it over again.

  • Diana


  • Hope

    I second Amy! Wow! Amazing!!! And who would have thought… Burrit?? I need to get back up there again.

  • Alisha


  • Tami

    I love the ball and chain!

  • Jessica M

    Kim!! These are incredible!! Your talent just makes me happy. Amazing work.

  • oh my goodness, soooo pretty. Wow, well done kim! And the last pic, what a perfect final image.

  • Natalie

    What a beautiful couple! Love the last one. I am sure they are going to be THRILLED with these. Great Job. And thank you again for today!

  • Katie

    So beautiful! I especially love the last one. The silhouette and sunset make the picture so romantic!

  • Fantastic again! That last one is so romantic and dreamy! What a beautiful couple!

  • Kim M

    Your pictures always amaze me. These are so beautiful!

  • Karen

    Looks like you had fun! You, my dear, are simply AMAZING.

  • Sara

    HOLY COW!!! Straight from a magazine! Bama’s certainly know how to party. LOVE THEM ALL!

  • Kimberly

    I love how you capture the little details. 🙂 Great pictures.

  • beckik

    Wow, thanks for the warning..they are a gorgeous couple! I LOVE every single picture. Great job as always Kim!

  • Lori

    Stunning couple. Stunning Photos…I love the details and the feeling you capture in your photos!

  • Katie M

    Kim- I find myself becoming addicted to your photography! Thanks so much for photographic Nathan and I. We were so comfortable with you. ALL of the pictures are truly amazing. Thank you so much and for everyone’s sweet comments!