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Sunday…our Thanksgiving Holiday

Ahhhhh Destin.  One of our favorite places with some of our favorite friends.  We headed to the beach Wednesday with the Merediths to spend Thanksgiving.  The weather was great, we didn’t anticipate the kids getting in the water, but that they did!  I didn’t even bring a suit for Grace, hence my baby is running…


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  • Alisha

    Kim, you put my beach pictures to shame!

  • Quincy

    What a pleasant surprise that your kids got to make it into the water! I am glad that you and special friends got to spend Thanksgiving together. A tradition may be in the making . . . and such GORGEOUS pictures (not to mention the adorable children in them!).

  • Kim M.

    What a fun way to spend the Holiday… great friends, great food and the beach all at the same time! Great pictures!!

  • Oh my gosh! Gorgeous! Can’t believe how jealous I am feeling right now. Looks like you had an unbelievable holiday with friends — in such a beautiful location, no less! Your pictures are amazing. And I especially love the new banner pictures.

  • It looks like a heavenly trip! That sand is so inviting.

  • I knew you would have the best time! And I knew I would envy you about midnight Thanksgiving Eve…remember? 🙂 Smart, smart people.
    Favorite picture…the gull beside Gracie!

  • Natalie

    Such fun pictures of your trip. My personal favorite has to be Mark throwing Gracie in the air, I have so many of that same pose with John and Blaire.:) I’m so happy you could enjoy the beach while you were there.

  • You know I love them ALL… was a perfectly perfect trip!

  • Loved these. There were basically too many favorites to name, but I have to name one…the one of your kids holding hands. Love it! Now that I live in Florida (We’re closest to Cocoa) I’ve gone to the beach twice so far. The first time I didn’t bring my camera out much b/c it was my first trip too. The second was for my daughter’s 6 year portraits so I was mostly focused on her. And now after seeing these I am dying to go back just to capture the beach as experienced by my kids. Also….I’ve been thinking it since my last trip, but this one confirms it – I need (NEED) to be there at sunset.

  • beckik

    Ah…the beach. I love these pictures! My favorite has to be the one with Mark tossing Gracie. He got some serious height!

  • Meghan

    Awesome pictures!!! Y’all look like you had way too much fun! 🙂

  • Camille

    These were all so beautiful! You captured some wonderful moments… It looks like you had a lot of fun!

  • Sara

    Okay, I’m IN LOVE with the picture of Grace’s backside and the two seagulls flying. This would be a beautiful canvas print.

  • Lori

    So many fun photos it’s hard to pick a favorite! I really like the picture of Grace and the gulls, but truly so many fun pictures! Looks like you had a good time…and what great sand!


Grant borrowed some hair spray (and a lot of water) today.


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  • Diana

    This is soooo going to come in handy as blackmail some day 🙂 What a handsome little guy, and I’m glad to see he shares his dad’s affinity for hair-care products 😉

  • Hope

    That’s hairspray??/ I almost thought it was dye!! His hair looks so dark! How sweet those two are!!!

  • Jen

    ha ha ha! He is such a fashionista….just like his dad. 🙂

  • Sara

    And I was wondering if it was a toupee.

  • Quincy

    I think he (and she!) looks adorable!

  • Jessica M

    Nice hairdo buddy! I like it. And yes, I’m on terbutaline. I’ve added it to my list of not-so-favorite-things but I am grateful to have it. Did you have to take it as well? Did it make you this shaky???

  • Kim, his hair looks so dark and he looks all looks so grown up! What cute pics.

  • I have the feeling that Grant is a super funny kid.

  • the pics of your kids are my favorites! Grant smiles makes to laugh and Grace is sooooooo cute!

    hope you are having a great day. we are having some nice fall weather – yippie for outside play time! 🙂

  • Lori

    Grant looks like such a “Dapper” young-man, and Grace is a cutie as always…love the smiles!

Thankful on a Thursday

We do our annual holiday card at Thanksgiving time, this has a been our tradition for years.  It is probably my favorite time of year and it’s always heartwarming to reflect on my blessings.  As I was working on it this year I was feeling a bit redundant in my thankfulness; family, friends, our happy home, etc.  and in…


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  • Beautiful. Thank YOU for sharing this.

  • Quincy

    I like this quote. Will you post your Thanksgiving picture?

  • Looking forward to getting my card. Thank you for sharing your gratitude — it always inspires me, and I think I may need that macro. Just beautiful!

  • Natalie

    I really like that quote. And I am anxiously waiting to open my mailbox and have the Greenfields Thankful card, is it in the mail???

  • Sara

    Wow—I feel honored to have my name mentioned. The Queen of Quotes feels like a woman of another life. I’m glad that quote did touch your soul. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lori

    Beautiful thoughts and a beautiful photo! We’ve been keeping a “thankful tree” and it is interesting how just being grateful and recognizing those blessings helps us to feel happier! Look forward to seeing your card!

This & That…[I’m not ready, a good kid, be my friend]

She’s ready, but I’m not sure I am.  Today we went to library story time and Gracie enjoyed it!  She liked the singing and actions, the animated story teller and the craft.  Me, not so sure I’m ready for this toddler stage of play groups and activities…where did my baby go!?  Every morning she says,…


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  • Kim H.

    Landon also asks daily if we “go to the store”, is it because they have already been carted around so much. Grace does seem to be growing up quickly. I hope Grant has a great rest of the year, despite the rough beginning.

  • Quincy

    There’s nothing better on a Wednesday morning than storytime at the library. Truly, one of my favorite things to do with my toddlers or pre-schoolers. But yes, where did your baby go? She’s so cute.

  • Shoes…car…I love it. Good job raising such a good boy. Your library time sounds so much better than ours. Grace is growing up!

  • Sara

    I love that your library has a craft time with the story time. Even though it is hard to say goodbye to the baby stage…their sure is a lot of fun that can happen with then get bigger. Aren’t you just so excited to start thinking about potty training : )

  • Some of my most treasured memories are from storytime with the girls. I miss it so much. I am so so happy you get to experience this with Miss Gracie.



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  • The weather looks so nice! We have been freezing and raining here. You should put your Sunday pictures in an album. One picture for every week of the year.

  • I have to comment on your weekly Sunday posts – I am totally impressed by a few things. #1 – being that you always have them dressed in some coordinating/matching way (or at least it seems so from my memory). #2 – you always have time to take pictures. I wonder if it is before or after church, I’d assume before considering they look freshly dressed, but maybe I’m mistaken.

    Sorry to comment when you don’t know me, I can’t remember now where I even linked to your blog from, but I did once and have been a faithful follower for sometime. Love your work.

  • Natalie

    So cute! We have that same dress in a bigger size.