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Dear Dogwood,

Dear Dogwood, Yoshino and Weeping Cherry, Thank you so much for showing signs of life this week, we welcome your blooms with open arms!  Has Spring finally sprung?  I think so. Much love. Green vegetation is coming back and I am so excited!  The clematis is climbing, the rose is shooting, and a big sigh…


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  • My peonies are poking through, but we are in the midst of torrential rain. Looking forward to sunny days! PS: I’m calling you tomorrow.

  • I seriously cannot get enough of Cherry trees, I love their shape, their blooms, everything. So gorgeous. My goal this year is to get some planted right at the entrance of our property, very dramatic entrance in a few years!

  • I LOVE spring and am so excited to see green peeping through all the brown!

  • Oooh, these are lovely!! I’m scrolling back up to stare at the first one again.

  • Karen

    Yeah for spring, green and some beautiful shots. 200 bulbs? Curious what they are and where they are going. I guess I will wait and see.

  • shaunte

    I was driving yesterday and loving the blooming dogwoods. Beautiful!

  • I planted 96 bulbs this last fall. It was some work because I the weather was so cold already by the time it was ok to plant. The one day that would have been good I was too busy. They are fun to see this right now though. Good Luck!

  • Wendy Robertson

    Gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait to see all those beautiful blooms in the future!!! 200 Bulbs, wow!

Aly | Senior Pics

This is one gorgeous girl!  She is also very talented and is currently the lead in the local high school musical.  I have a feeling she’s going to go on and do great things!  Congrats Aly…on all your achievements!


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  • Oh my goodness!!!! I love so many of these! I am so lucky to have such a beautiful sister 🙂 And, one who can do serious faces much better than I can! 🙂

  • Gorgeous!

  • Wow! Weren’t we just talking about Senior pictures? All of these are just wonderful.

  • Laura B

    I love these! (I think I say that to all the pictures I see of yours, haha) Awesome pics Aly and beautiful job Kim!!

  • Holy WOW! I guess when you have a model that gorgeous, it makes your job easy, huh?! Seriously some of your very best.

  • Lori

    What great settings! She has such beautiful eyes and you’ve captured them so well!

  • Kim M.

    I must admit… I’ve kind of been blog stalking today waiting to see these! You did a fabulous job capturing her. She is an amazing young lady!!

  • Cami


  • Colleen

    Ok, first she is gorgeous and has amazing eyes.

    Second, great job. I don’t know her, but these photos just seem to capture a fun, innocent girl.

  • beckikanigan


  • Tami

    What a pretty girl!

  • Quincy

    I love this girl. Although I have to say, she looks like a beautiful woman now. There were so many shots that I love, but a few of the black and whites looked better than any model in any magazine I’ve ever seen.

  • Dana

    Seriously beyond description. Really…can’t find an adjective good enough. Amazing work, friend.

  • Natalie

    Love these! What a beautiful girl and I agree with you, so talented and definitely big things await her.

  • Dani

    Wow! You did a great job Kim 🙂 All of these pictures are amazing!


Grant did his own hair this morning and asked for the tie pin put in.  He proudly looked at himself in the mirror and said happily, I think I look a lot like Dad today.  Yes, I said, you are very handsome! And have I mentioned how much I love this boy…and his dad? Grace’s…


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  • Hope

    I love your Sunday pics! And yes, he looks a lot like his handsome daddy (and his beautiful mommy)!!

  • I love the hairstyle! I Grace’s little pink dress and jacket look very cute on.

  • Grace’s dress and matching coat are so adorable. Kind of a mini sweet Jackie O style? Grant sounds like such a character. I love it.

  • Quincy

    This Sunday post had me chuckling–it must be Grant’s yukalaylee!

  • Alisha

    So impressed with the spelling of yukalaylee! And, that Grace didn’t have chocolate all over her at church. 🙂

  • I think I might do just about anything for some DARK Dove chocolate too!
    These shots are hysterical. Shows SO much personality.

  • I love that slick willy hairdo….and yay(!) for being warm enough for a sleeveless dress.

  • Charity

    Grace’s outfir is adorable and Grant looks so handsome in his seersucker suit! Love it!

  • Charity

    Oops – that is supposed to say “outfit”. he he

Her Day

Lemon whipped cream cake.


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  • Karen

    Looks like a fun day. I bet Grace would have loved her little bike outside. Too bad for the rain. She is a precious two year old. So sweet.

  • Amy Dixon

    Love the photos! It looks like she had a spectacular day. Those two cakes look delicious. Gracie is adorable.

  • Kim H.

    I can’t believe it’s already been two years. Looks like she had a great day!!

  • What a cutie!! But what!? No recipe?? It looks too delicious for you not to share! 😀

  • That’s a beauty of a cake. Her hair bow/headband is super cute.

  • Amy

    Yummers!!! Looks like you guys had a fun day, but I know Grace makes every day fun. I hope she is feeling better.

  • Hope

    I still can’t believe she’s two! They grow way too fast. Your children are so beautiful!

  • Jessica M

    Oh she is so beautiful! And I love the sunglasses. Happy birthday miss Grace!

  • There is so much that I have missed since I have been in Sao Paulo. I can’t believe she is 2! Happy B-day, Grace! Love all the photos of her in the past couple of posts!

  • Cathie

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 yrs! It’s been so fun to see her grow up–she is gorgeous!

Guess who’s two today?

Happy Birthday Grace Ann! While in Oregon we had a little party for Grace.  She was so excited about the cake and had to show everyone several times throughout the day.  We celebrated Gracie style with pink, vintage and bubbles.  The cake was made by Nana-Grace’s grandmother, the cake plate was Mimi’s-Grace’s great grandmother, Mimi…


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  • I looooooove all the pink, the vintage, the family heirlooms, everything! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!!!! I seriously can’t believe how much she looks like a “little girl”…growing up so fast.

    (And I’m still so in love with your new do, Kim.)

  • Happy Birthday, Gracie!! Hard to believe she’s two already. She’s such a doll:)

  • Heidi Davis

    Kim these pictures are great. I love, love the one of you and gracie. Happy birthday Grace.

  • I was so honored to attend her birthday party — and how she blew out the candles was so cute, and the love of her cake 🙂 That last picture is perfect — I hope you will frame it.

  • Lisa I.

    Happy Birthday Gracie!!! What a beautiful party and a beautiful girl!

  • Diana

    Love love love this little girl! Happy Birthday Gracie Lou!

  • These pictures are so sweet and girly. I love her dress too- that we all wore that style dress when we were little. Happy Birthday Grace!

  • Quincy

    Happy Birthday, Gracie! She’s such a cute, big girl, Kim. I love your hair! I agree, the last one is such a great picture.

  • Alisha

    I love it! Happy Birthday, Grace! It hardly seems our babies should be 2.

  • Karen

    My how time flies. Such sweet pictures. Happy Birthday, Miss Grace.

  • meta

    oh me oh my!!!! sooooo cute. Happy Birthday Gracie!

  • Natalie

    2 Years old… my goodness. I love all the pictures of this adorable birthday girl. How fun to celebrate in Oregon with family. Happy Birthday Gracie!

  • Lori

    What a neat way to incorporate so many generations in such a great birthday celebration! Happy Birthday Grace!