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This & That

Grant: Always insists on having his polos buttoned all the way.  Has gotten a new hair cut.  Likes to have his own space when frustrated (the sand box or his room).  Can still make Grace laugh the hardest.  Looking forward to the summer. Grace: Quite grown up now and likes to do things herself.  On…


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  • I’m curious…what books???

  • The Cardinal, again? That little stinker. Like Grant we can’t wait for summer ourselves.

  • Kim, every picture is sweetness to me. You are just so beautiful and have captured your kiddos so amazingly! I’m also waiting for my peony. Not too much longer, I hope. Loved this post so much!!!

  • I just love these pictures of your babies.

    Darn that cardinal!

  • First of all, I’m in love with Grace’s hat. I also am a fan of those shoes. I saw them at Wal-Mart but they haven’t had her size. They are so cute and colorful.

    Secondly, your shirt is awesome and I love the tradition of Mark getting you an earth day shirt. Only an Oregonian would understand. I want your shirt. Did he make it?

  • Jessica M

    The cardinal!! Bring out the one eyed owl again. Grace has some great expressions in these shots.

  • Quincy

    The kids are cuter than ever!

  • beckikanigan

    Love the update. Your kids are growing so much. I went through some old photo’s yesterday and found a bunch you took while Grant and Logan were playing over by the lake, and of joyschool. They looked so happy! They’ve already changed so much since then.

  • Jana J

    Kim…the house we are buying has huge windows and it’s obvious the birds have been flying into them…maybe we can swap stories once we are moved in?!

  • Sara

    I forgot about Mark’s tradition of buying you an Earth Day t-shirt. So sweet! Great pics of the kids!!

Up at 3 a.m.

This little one came wandering into our room at 3 a.m. this morning, she asked me for breakfast.  So far she’s been ok in her big bed, let’s hope this is not the start of something new.


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  • Mandi

    She is SO cute!! It made me laugh that she asked for breakfast! 🙂

  • Lisa I.

    Oh, I’m nervous for the bed thing! I need to get moving on it though! Ben was always so good about staying in his bed, and he would keep Chris in line, but Jon… I have a feeling he’s going to be wandering out of his room at 3 am too…
    (and these shots are too cute)

  • Carter did that for a couple of weeks. Drove me nuts, but he sure was cute. ALMOST worth the lack of sleep. 🙂
    Hope she decides nighttime is for sleeping!

  • Jessica M

    Heck, I’m up at 3 am. Send her to my house!

  • hope

    She’s still so cute though. So, did you give her breakfast??

  • Must be a hungry night. Sam woke up last night asking for a cookie and then ate two graham crackers before falling back to sleep. She is just sooooo adorable!

  • And how could you resist a face like that??? (even at 3 am) I think I would have made her eggs and pancakes if she’d asked. 🙂

  • Cami

    I’m so sorry. I remember those days. Good Luck!

  • Quincy

    I think you should take some 3 AM pictures. 😉

  • Sara

    Why are they totally NOT cute at 3 am? Here’s to hoping for a long good nights rest.

  • That’s when I pull the covers over my head and let dear hubby take care of the cuteness that they radiate at 3 am. 🙂 She sure is a cutie and love those shots!

  • Karen

    Oh my. It is always such an adjustment. At least she is cute! Hope is was better last night.

  • Those pictures are precious. Especially love the top one! We haven’t made the switch yet to a big boy bed. I’m going to tackle that and potty training this summer. Wish me luck.

  • E

    Love the pictures! Your family is so adorable. You are brave – C’s is going to stay in her crib forever.


This handsome got a hair cut: And this little on didn’t quite know what to think of the camera today:


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  • oooooooh….pretty in pink. I want a dress like Gracie’s! I love her hair (and Grant’s haircut, too).

  • I am loving Gracie’s long locks. It’s really growing in now. I can’t wait…

  • I can’t believe how big they are getting. It just looks so lovely there in AL — I want to jump in the pictures for a visit.

  • Jessica M

    I love Grace’s outfit! How’s the big girl bed coming?

  • Natalie

    Grant is too cute with that haircut and his bow tie. 🙂 And so is Grace, her dress is adorable.


The storms didn’t let us down, they’ve been rumbling all day and I like it.  So inside we’ve been, accomplishing quite a bit!  Grace is sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time tonight, wish us luck! More of my loves… And a couple I found hiding in some folders:

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  • Love the shadow pictures. I might try that. Fun. Good luck tonight. I hope you can get some sleep. I remember the first night I put my twins in their big kid beds. I think I was up a couple of times. Not too bad.

I love the weekends and always love a good t-storm.

Mark and Grant went camping tonight.  Grace and I are reorganizing everything.  I’ve been painting Grant’s furniture black, Grace is inheriting Grant’s old bed, which I repainted white.  Tomorrow we’ll continue to get projects done and wait for a good t-storm to roll through.  Loving these two more than ever…


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  • Amy

    Look at Grace’s long hair! Stay safe from the tornados!

  • hope

    I love weekends, too! Saturday is the only day I don’t wake up to an alarm clock! Which I really don’t like. And when I wake up I see my children enjoying some peace, quiet and games together usually. Have a great project day!!