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Macro Monday | Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembering and flowers.  Remembering those we don’t know who have given up so much, even their life.  And those we do know, hold close to our hearts, who have touched our own.  Growing up Memorial Day always included a picnic and a trip to the cemetery with flowers in…


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  • Miss you! I love your flowers — they are beautiful. We just returned from our cemetery visit, and took a hug bouquet of peonies.

  • I love the flowers! Happy Memorial day to all that have served and continue to serve our people.

  • Rachel

    Yet again, you’ve hit it out of the park. That butterfly!? And those flowers? Oh man, dreamy of dreams.



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  • Quincy

    Grace and her beads are so precious. How does Grant know how to pose like a Ralph Lauren model? I am loving his cuteness.

  • Could Grant look any more like a GapKids model??? That hat is crazy cute! And the beads…oh, the beads. Adorable!

  • Kimberly

    I love these pictures! Matthew was just looking over my shoulder and said, “Hey, that’s Grant!” They met each other at the father/son camp out and had a great time.

  • Several of those look like they belong in a magazine. Gorgeous!

  • These might be the sweetest ever. I don’t know if you dress Grant but he’s got such cool taste. I love the hats and his look. Such a handsome little guy.

  • Jessica M

    I claim Dana’s comment as my own. Grant’s hat is completely winning. And I love the first swim picture on the last post!

  • Sara

    One of my favorite Sunday posts yet! So fun to see Grace with her delicate hair flower.

Swimming Day II

We have a deep end swimmer… …and a water twirler…


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  • That looks so fun! Still raining here…

  • Love the picture in front of your garage door. The hats are so cute.

  • Sage just christened our swimming pool in the same swimsuit today. I love it- so cheery, yellow and sweet. Looks like fun!

  • Karen

    I am love with the water twirller. Fantastic pic’s. And yeah for summer.

  • Lori

    Summer and swimming. So MFOE (Made for each other)! ;o)

  • Kristin

    Great photos! It must be so nice to already be enjoying summer weather! It never seems to stop raining here…

This & That…School’s Out!

Grant, headed off to his last day of first grade yesterday!  Mark got up early and made him a special breakfast-German pancakes.  We are so proud of Grant, he’s come a long way this year, learned a lot, progressed even more (even if it wasn’t all fun for him), he came out smiling!  On his…


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  • Jen

    Oh I just love EVERYTHING about Grace’s room! Seriously, EVERYTHING! You have such a knack (please come help me!)
    YAY for peas!!! How exciting! And those last 2 pics….some of my very favorites of all time.

  • I really enjoyed this post. Grace’s room turned out beautiful. That’s so special you have that quilt now.

  • Jessica M

    Clara Lilian, what a beautiful name! And a beautiful quilt! I love it. Grace’s room looks lovely. I love the way your canvas turned out! Where did you get it done? That last picture is a hoot!

  • Diana

    Love the room! Oh…the duplex years!

  • Kim H.

    It’s hard to believe another school year is come and gone. I hope you have a great summer.

  • Tami

    I want to go swimming too! But it is 45 degrees and RAINING today.

  • Kim, there is so much in this post that I don’t even know where to begin commenting. I’m so jealous of your wrapped print and vintage quilt — so gorgeous! Your children are so beautiful. Enjoy your summer!!! And I always love to see a pic of you, my lovely friend.

  • Cami

    Wahoo for summer. I’m totally jealous. Wish it was summer here.

  • Sara

    LOVE your canvas wrapped print!! LOVE the pic of you and Grace!! LOVE Grant’s silly face pictures!!! Send some more warm sun our way!!

J Family at the Botanical Gardens with Bubbles

A gorgeous afternoon, a beautiful setting…and bubbles, gotta love the bubbles!  What a cute family.


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  • Jenni

    Such beautiful pics of this WONDERFUL family – I know K & N are going to LOVE them!

  • Cami

    Love these. The bubbles-what a fun idea.

  • Kimberly

    Thanks Kim – we love them!

  • beckikanigan

    Love the shots through the bubbles!

  • nadine

    Some favorites:the family on the steps, the kids lying down on the grass, and playing with the bubbles!

  • Sara

    What great color combinations! You’ve always been so good at capturing the bubbles. Fun idea.

  • Such a cute family and my how those kids have grown! I love the fun in the pics with the bubbles. Such a great idea. I also love the springy clothes they are wearing.

  • These turned out so nice — and what an amazing location!

  • Jessica M

    What a munchable baby!

  • Natalie

    Oh, I love this family! The kids are so grown up. What beautiful photos. I love them all!