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Grace with a lunch box.

My friend Mandi is very talented and crafty.  She does vinyl, makes cute things for her home and hair and collaborates with her grandmother to make cute hats and flowers…one worn here by Grace and the lunch box, another cute creation.  Grace loves this and calls it her lunch box, although we’ve never put a…


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  • meta

    everything is adorable – the lunch box, the dress, hat and of course the cutest little girl!!!

  • Just when I think you’ve posted THE cutest pictures of Grace, you top yourself. Adorable!!!

  • Sara

    Is Grace wearing another creation by your Momma? So cute!!! Chloe would totally be toting around that lunchbox if she had one. The weather looks like it is still gorgeous. Today it rained on the first day of school. The kids said that “Jesus was crying because they had to go back to school.” I said they were tears of joy.

  • She is so adorable! What great pictures!!!

  • Jessica M

    L-O-V-E the lunch box!!

  • You are KILLING me with these pictures. She is an absolute doll, Kim! The blue eyes make me melt. How do you produce such beautiful children? What I’d like to know: how do you get her to wear all of these fabulous outfits with accessories (even hats! and bracelets! and leggings!) without her screaming and ripping them off? Do you think she’d be willing to hold a session for other toddlers about the importance of at least wearing clothing long enough for a picture? I swear, my child looks like an orphan all day long . . .

  • LOVE these!!!!

M Family in the country…

What a gorgeous family and sweet, sweet children!  We met up at Dawn’s Once Upon a Farm on a beautiful afternoon.


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  • Wow! Some of your best! That location is amazing!!!

  • Oooooooh…what a GORGEOUS family!

  • alisha

    So funny… I was looking at the pictures, and Emma says, “Mom! That’s Carden’s friend!” You did a beautiful job!

  • Wendy

    So glad they contacted you! What fun to see our friends on your blog! 😉 and the tongue sticking out picture is very cute!!! LOVE the farm site!!! gorgeous family, gorgeous location, and gorgeous pic’s as usual!!!

  • Dawn

    Wow! Extremely gorgeous family! The closeup photo of children on hammock is amazing.

  • These are some great photos! What beautiful kids and parents too. I love the close ups of the kids and their beautiful eyes.

  • Diana

    So many great ones–how will they ever choose favorites?!?

  • Jessica M

    Love love the location!

  • Sara

    I love the non-smiling serious shots!


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  • Is it cooling down there? Your children look gorgeous! Happy Sunday!

Pretty much every afternoon…

Happy Friday!


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  • Natalie

    Love the first one of your handsome boy. Your B&W’s are amazing!

  • Lori

    Looks so carefree and lovely!

Thirty Minutes of Lovely | Carol + Mike Wedding

I was lucky to have arrived early to the temple Saturday for a wedding I was shooting and be able to jump in and photograph this sweet couple when they were in need of an emergency photographer!  Another beautiful couple, I loved the pop of red…congratulations!


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  • That is really sweet and so awesome that you were there to take the pictures of their great milestone. They are such a great family and what a beautiful couple.

  • Wow! You got a lot of great pics in 30 minutes. So glad you were there to help out!

  • nadine

    So many fun shots! I too love the red accents!!! I enjoyed the handsome happy groom carrying his bride on the hill by the temple. (Also Moroni through the circle of the gate.) The second black and white of the bride truly shows a GORGEOUS girl!
    (I hope the other photographer is OK. They were lucky that you were there to help document this wonderful event.)

  • I’m really liking that pop of red, too. And the light blue. Beautiful. I can’t believe you got all those amazing shots in only 30 minutes! She sure did get lucky on her wedding day for you to just “happen” to be right where you were needed! 🙂

  • Wendy Robertson

    I love that you were there and able to jump in and help! Lovely photos and wonderful colors. the red and aqua
    That photo of Moroni through the circle in the gate with the clouds in the sky! AWESOME!!!

  • Diana

    I agree with Nadine-the 2nd b&w is FANTASTIC. Glad you could capture this cute couple’s special day! Oh, and I want the bride’s red shoes!

  • Barb

    As you were taking these pictures I knew there would be some real gems among them, even so, I am surprised at how many strikingly beautiful ones have been posted here. Several of the ones of Carol (especially that one in black & white) bring tears to my eyes! I can’t thank you enough for bearing that searing heat to perform such a great service for us, in addition to the wedding already on your schedule. Thank you, again and again and again!

  • You got a lot of great pictures in just 1/2 hr. Wow!

  • jb

    LOVE her shoes! What a cute couple!!

  • Fred

    What beautiful work and fantastic shots, for being a spur of the moment shoot and only 30 minutes! We were so blessed to have you available and at the temple already. Thank you so much, your legend grows.