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  • Jessica M

    Polka dot leggings? Love it! I hope your dad’s recovery is going well. Our thoughts will be with your family.

This & That | Happy Halloween!

Halloween I’ve never really been into Halloween…Grant has always been afraid of the scary decor and trick or treating…so the ward trunk or treat was perfect and that’s about all the celebrating we’ll be doing.  Thanks to my favorite store, tj maxx, the kids were excited about their costumes. Weather & Such We’v had some…


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  • So glad your dad is doing well. That is scary. And you have lemon trees? Heavenly.

  • Natalie

    Grant is so handsome in his costume and that is one cute candy corn witch! I also love your weather pictures!

  • Quincy

    I hope your dad’s recovery continues to go well. I want to talk to you more about that! I love Grace with her horses! 🙂 Cute kids in their cute costumes!

  • julia

    We will keep your dad in our prayers. I hope he has a speedy recovery. I am glad the surgery went well.

  • Lori

    Cute costumes and lovely Fall color. I love the season too! I think the flower is a Zinnia and they have wonderful visual texture. We pray for your Dad’s quick recovery.

The K Family at Monte Sano

Now is the time to take a drive up to Monte Sano, beautiful scenery, beautiful afternoon…beautiful family.  I love how Emma looks just like her mom and Spyro just like his dad!  This little guy was one of the happiest one year olds I’ve ever met and some of the prettiest locks I’ve seen on…


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  • love that! I LOVE fall photoshoots. The colors are just the best! Too bad, we’re not really having much fall weather here.

  • What beautiful, beautiful scenery! Gorgeous photos, Kim!

  • I think this may be one of my favorite sessions…soooooo many good ones!

  • Kimberly Cone

    Cute! Love the little girl’s sassy pose 🙂

  • I LOVE Fall! Love all the cute kid shots. What a nice looking family. The landscape is just beautiful!

  • Jessica M

    Beautiful color this weekend!! Great work.

  • stacy

    beautiful color!

  • Sara

    Oh my, I love love love that first shot. The sun peaking through the trees and all the beautiful fall colors. Just gorgeous!!

    I haven’t had a lot of time to comment lately on your blog but know that I have been eating up each post.

    Such talent!

  • Natalie

    Look at those gorgeous fall colors. This is a beautiful session.

  • Wow! I would print EVERY one!!! And the fall colors are breathtaking! Good job, Kim. A beautiful family and setting.

  • Lori

    Love the colors and especially the family shot on the steps. Great framing and color! What a fun session!

  • Cathy

    This little blonde needs to be a child model. Her eyes say it all!

Aiden | 19 months at Green Mountain

What a cutie!  This sweet little boy was fun to follow around, he loved being outside and was in awe of the trees swaying above and the abundance of leaves to be held! And for those of you who have mini-sessions Saturday up at Green Mountain…as you can see it will be gorgeous!


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  • I’m speechless!

  • Glad you were able to do this, despite the weather! 🙂

  • Dawn

    This is one of our favorite places for Sunday strolls!

  • Jessica M

    Love these!

  • Cute! Cute! Cute! What a beautiful setting.

  • Lori

    Awww…beautiful! What a fun site and cute little boy.

A Father, Daughter Session…and Jack

What a fun session!  Heidi (who was gorgeous to photograph, as you can see!) contacted me to do a session with just her and her dad…and dog Jack.  I loved the simple landscape of the location, a beautiful fall evening…


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  • I am so in love with the sun spotted dreamy pictures you have been doing. This location was absolutely lovely.

  • Laura B

    Heidi, her dad and Jack are so cute! Great pics 🙂

  • I am having serious hair envy. GORGEOUS! (and what a good idea for a daddy/daughter shoot)

  • Diana

    Ditto to Jen’s comment!

  • Kim M

    These are stunning! What a great idea to do a daddy/daughter shoot!

  • Jessica M

    These two are some of my favorite people. Great work, I’m impressed Foster agreed to pose without his golf clubs. =0)

  • What special pictures! A great idea–daughter/father/dog combo.

  • Lori

    I love the warm tones in the middle section. What a fun idea to have a photo shoot with Dad!