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Carsen is turning one! | and her family

Happy Birthday sweet Carsen!  What a cuddle bug, she is so cute…and so is her big sister.  I loved the candidness and comfortableness of this session-the way this family loved each other and were just themselves at home.  They sure have lots to be happy about!


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  • Patty Bohan

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos! You did a fantastic job!!

  • Kim M

    What a beautiful family! Awesome job!!

  • Lora

    wow!!!! these are soooo beautiful!!!!!

  • Jennifer Taylor


  • So many wonderful pictures! They look like a very happy family.

  • Emily Kim

    What DARLING little girls!

  • Natalie

    Absolutely Precious! Every one of them.

  • The b&w close to the top…that adorable little head peeking over the bedding! Crazy cute!!!

  • Charity

    So many great shots! I love the one of the baby peeking over the bedding, the one of the big sister kissing her sister’s head. So sweet!

  • Michele Igawa-Watts

    Hi everyone! Great pictures! You all look so happy and so wonderful! Hope everyone is doing well. Can’t believe Carsen is going to be one—how time flies!

  • Sara Ditto

    What a sweet session indeed!

  • Nancy

    Love the pix. Want to see you all again soon.

  • Too cute for words! What adorable sister shots. Mom with the girls was sweet.

  • Lori

    Those smiles! I don’t think anyone could not smile, seeing theirs!

  • Bianca

    That one of her peeking over the bedspread is just priceless! Lovin’ all the baby posts.


Today’s bribe, a cookie.  I was asked to sub in Grace’s nursery class today at church, so this morning I was telling her I get to be in her class-thinking she would be excited.  Instead I got tears and her telling me I can’t go to her class, that she didn’t want me to…we’ll see…


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  • Have fun in nursery today! She’ll warm up to you, I’m sure.

  • Diana

    And thus begins the “you’re not cool mom” syndrome!

  • Jen

    Ha! Hope you had fun in nursery today!

  • Natalie

    That is cute! I hope Nursery went well.

  • Quincy

    You were sure getting some cute Gracie cuddles in sacrament meeting today; hopefully, nursery was more of the same!

This & That | Happy Friday!

It’s Friday…Yippee!  Have I ever mentioned that Friday is my favorite day of the week? Just some happenings from around here: A Tea Party: Some Constructing: And some nice weather in the backyard: Which means digging, mud, exploring and running. And have I ever mentioned  how much I love this little boy below? …and this…


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  • Dawn

    And the weekend weather is predicted to be AMAZING… so excited! I spy a derby car… must belong to your new Cub Scout. Fun!

  • Pinewood Derby is seriously the only thing I look forward to in scouting. So happy you are getting some better weather — I think we will be living with the rain for at least six more months!

  • Yay for better weather and normal routines. 🙂 Enjoy your Pinewood Derby. You should watch the movie “Down and Derby”. About some adults who go ALL out in helping, essentially taking over, their kids derby cars and the rivalry the adults have from their childhood. Basically they are living through their kids. Too funny and SO true for some of those men! 🙂

  • Can I come over and play? 🙂

  • Natalie

    I love your this & that posts! Looks like a very fun tea party!


My Little Bit at home.  She’s smiley and funny and cute…but sometimes she’s quite the two year old and isn’t so fun to be around.  Her little personality is certainly her own and different than her brother; she is independent, certain and loves to color.  I love her -all her little pieces, especially her big…


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  • Where did your baby go? She sure is turning into a beautiful little girl. 🙂

  • Charity

    Why is it that the older we get, time seems to fly more quickly? I am walking right beside you watching my little baby boy turn into a little man. Sad, but delicious all at the same time.

  • Natalie

    I agree, being home with little ones is a comfort and it is going by way too quickly. Grace is adorable and I love hearing what she is up to these days.

  • Rachel

    Wow. As usual I love all the new posts. It’s super funny how parallel our lives are. It’s fun to see it through your creative and unique perspective. Gracie’s room is impeccable!

And baby makes three…

What a cute, cute couple expecting their first baby next month!  They were patient enough to endure my numerous you’re so cute comments and cold, but aren’t they sweet?  Baby boy has two very excited people waiting his arrival!


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  • I like those last two shots, fun. And what a special occasion! Can’t wait to see the newborn pictures.

  • What a cute couple. Their baby will really enjoy these “before” pictures of Mom and Dad. It shows how happy they are for this special arrival! There are so many great shots. I do like the “peaceful pose” on the park bench. (Things are sure to change!)

  • Charity

    Great pictures! I love the shot looking past his belly to see hers. So cute!

  • Diana

    Beautiful family!