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Aiden turns two…soon to be big brother!

Aiden is two!  And has a baby sister on the way soon…another cute pregnant mom to be, she looks amazing!  Loved the pop of color in the location and clothing, what a fun family!


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  • What a cute family! The colors are fun and the trains are a great location.

  • This is an awesome location, and I love that you got a lot of really good candid shots.

Juanita and Adrien | Wedding Day!

You may remember stylish Juanita?  I was very excited when she contacted me to come take some pictures the morning of her wedding!  I knew she would look gorgeous…but isn’t she stunning?  And Adrien too…loving the gray and green!  Congratulations to a beautiful couple!!


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  • I love, love, love (did I say love?!) that gorgeous wedding dress! And that new hubby’s smile is so infectious I just want to reach through my computer screen and pinch his cheeks! What a happy looking couple.

  • Alisha

    I want to get married again just so I can have a train like that on my dress! What a beautiful couple, you can tell they are so in love. You did a great job capturing their day … another reason for me to get married again … so Kim can take our photos! 🙂

  • That is probably the prettiest strapless dress I have every seen — and her hair is styled beautifully! What a gorgeous couple.

  • Diana

    Gorgeous. Just absolutely gorgeous! Love the dress (and also the grey suit that the other lady (sister/mom/friend?) is wearing!)

  • Angel Williams

    Awe, friend I love the pics!! Soooo beautiful!


  • dee streeter

    These pics are beautiful! I am so happy for u guys!

  • Tieasha

    You all look awesome!!! Beautiful!! I am so glad I was able to witness this GREAT UNION. Love you both 😉

  • Lori


  • Delecia (Tootie)

    Oh my goodness!Oh my goodness! YOu look so pretty!!!! I am so happy for you and Adrian! I wish you both all the happiness, laughter, and love in the world!!! Oh my goodness 🙂

  • Her dress is absolutely incredible.

  • Simply amazing–beautiful–full of obvious happiness and love.

  • DeaRonda

    Beautiful pictures! You look Gorgeous, Nita and I am in love with your dress.

  • Juanita

    Thanks everyone for all of the beautiful comments! We had fun taking them and Kim is just so awesome!!!!! Thanks so much Kim for helping to make this day so wonderful!!!

  • Nikki

    Love love love love the pictures. Nita your wedding was the most beautiful wedding ever and you were a beautiful bride!

  • Lann

    How Stunning! You deserve all the happiness one can imagine! I wish the 2 of you a blessed happily ever after! xoxoxo “SIMPLY GORGEOUS GOWN”

  • Angela Anderson

    You look beautiful and happy, many blessings to the two of you!
    Luv Ya!)

  • Nikita

    These are such beautiful pictures of you and your hubby. I wish you the best. You were such a beautiful bride.

The M Family | Corvallis, OR

I can’t think about my college years without thinking of good friends like Chris and Courtney, so many fun times!  It was great to see and photograph them and their beautiful children.  We lucked out with a break in the rain…back at the OSU campus!


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  • These turned out so cute! So fun to see Chris and Courtney and their beautiful family.

  • Julia

    It is so neat seeing old friends on your blog. They sure make beautiful babies! Which isn’t a surprise. What a great shoot Kim!

  • Natalie

    Beautiful family! And I love the little girls in their adorable coats.

  • What a photogenic family! The kids are adorable!

  • Elizabeth

    YAY! How fun!

  • Courtney

    LOVE IT! You did such a great job! And it was so great seeing you…

  • These are so beautifully composed, yeah, they look great too! Love the color, high contrast and wonderful lighting!

  • Donna Timlin

    You have just done a great job with these quirky photos of my quirky family! So Fun.

  • What a darling family! You always have such great captures.

  • Sara Ditto

    What a fun blast from the past!!!

  • Jenny

    I love the texture in your photographs. You truly have a gift.

  • Lori

    What a cute family! I’m especially loving the close up of the family!



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  • That first pic is so, so sweet. I hope they were that sweet for you during Sacrament Meeting today 🙂

  • Lori

    Not quite as verdant as Oregon, but I can tell it’s getting there! Fun to see growing children and plants in your garden!

Grace Ann | Birthday Girl 3 years old

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  Three years already?  I love you Grace Ann, you complete our little family.  You are full of personality-at times challenging, but most times sweet and cute as can be.  I love your giggles and wiggles.  You are clever, fun, artistic and still my baby girl.


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  • Happy Birthday, Grace! You look like a beautiful faerie.

  • meta

    oh Kim….and in Oregon…so beautiful!!!

  • Diana

    Happy Birthday Gracie Lou!

  • Happy birthday! Love the lush green. Grace is looking more like a little girl and no more toddler. Look at those pretty locks too. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Gracie!! The pictures are amazing! Truly a beautiful little girl in a beautiful place. (Bare feet?? I bet it was cold.)

  • Charity

    There is something Alice-in-Wonderland-esque about some of these shots that makes me love them even more. She is such a beautiful child and you capture her beautifully! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Natalie

    Beautiful, beautiful birthday girl. I love the first one! She is precious and I hope her day is special!

  • Gah-lly that kid is a beauty. Love her headband! I want one.

  • Karen

    Happy Birthday Grace! I hope your day was super special.

  • quincy

    Yay for Grace! We love you! Beautiful pictures!

  • Lori

    What amazing photos of your little princess! Happy Birthday Grace!

  • Sara Ditto

    You captured her perfectly!!

  • Laura B

    These are so cute of Grace! They have an Alice in Wonderland type feeling or Sleeping Beauty or something, how she is just taking a stroll through the woods barefoot and pretty in pink!

  • Laura B

    oh yeah…plus the blonde hair and blue eyes. could it be more fairytale?? 🙂