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Have I mentioned how much I love this boy?  Where has the time gone?  A big third grader indeed!  Grant has had a good attitude about school this year, despite the heavier loads of homework that have seem to come along with the start .  It’s always a comfort when he comes home and I…


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  • No!!! I am always shocked at pictures from the past. They grow up so fast. Glad school is going well for Grant this year.

  • Quincy

    So cute, rocks and minerals, and imaginative play. Grant’s a fun kid, and I love the 2006 pictures! They remind me of when we first moved here, too, and lived at Colonial Grande.

  • Cute Grant. . . . what a handsome young fellow. Also, the dress you asked about on my blog was from persnickety. Did I already tell you that?

  • Natalie

    Look at how cute younger Grant is, adorable! And now a handsome boy.

Anna and Marcus | and their wedding day…

  A beautiful summer morning in Alabama…we began by meeting up early to do some first look pictures…congratulations to another beautiful couple!  An amazing dress, stunning bride, pretty flowers, a reception to wow.  It was wonderful to share this special day with you, everything was lovely! Once again I’m amazed at the talent of others…


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  • Dana

    Kim! They are incredible!! It was so fun having a friend around that day. 🙂

  • Meredith

    Totally exceeded my expectations, as always! What a fun day! You’re amazing!

  • Charity

    Anna is stunningly gorgeous! And…you are SO amazing! What a treat to have you take pictures of all of our handiwork! Do you get tired of hearing the word “amazing”?

  • I LOVE that bridal bouquet! And Charity, OH MY GOODNESS. That is one truly stunning reception. So many fun details. Everything/everyone is so beautiful!

  • Alisha

    Oh goodness, Charity did a wonderful job! I love how classically beautiful everything was! This is the type reception I see Carden having …

  • Dawn

    The Bride is breathtaking! Truly! No surprise at all that Charity was the creator of the magnificent reception… BRAVO!

  • Beautiful pictures, friend and what a beautiful couple! Everything looks gorgeous. Charity is pretty amazing too! I love the neutrals with a soft pink. So pretty!

  • Julia

    That is a gorgeous wedding! I have never seen a church building look so pretty on the inside! I love the hydrangea bouquets. You got some really great shots of the bride that show so much personality. As always Kim wonderful job!

  • So many things that I love about this wedding and reception! Great job, Kim, in capturing their day.

  • rachel suman

    My favorite picture is the first one, her flower are so beautiful. I loved the recepreception it is such a classic look and one that is not done over and ovet.again! Great job Kim, you have a way of capturing that special day to perfection!

  • Jessica

    Not sure which I love more, her dress or her flowers.

  • sandy

    Charity you did an A-Mazing Job!!!

  • Karen

    I love the first look shots. What a fun idea. Great shots. Looks like fun!

  • Shari

    Wow! Beautiful dress! Love the ceiling, the tea cups, and the pink wall hangings. Amazing pics!

  • Lori

    Just lovely! I love how you captured the first look.

  • I just looked at these in awe. They are BEAUTIFUL. Anna and Marcus look stunning and effervescent; and the reception! I would have NEVER guessed that was the cultural hall!

  • Marsha Keller

    Soooooo gorgeous!

    So. . . what did you do with all the material afterwards, and did it cost an arm and a leg! I have two weddings in the next two months. :: blink blink ::

  • Debbi

    Beautiful transformation!!! How long did it take you to drape the gym? Approximately how many yards of tulle/fabric did it take?

  • Becky

    I’m interested in knowing how much fabric did you use to cover the cultural hall? It looks amazing! How did you set it up and how long did it take? Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

  • Carma Hughes

    Your wedding was beautiful!! First, even though I don’t know you, I am so proud of you and your husband for marring in the temple!

    Our daughter is getting married in the Nashville temple in exactly one month. We are happy and excited for her. We are working on the reception decor and noticed how fabulous your decor was. I am wondering how much fabric it took to drape the ceiling. How many yards? And how difficult was it to do.

    Would appreciate hearing back from you!
    Thank you,
    Carma Hughes

  • Kendra Beck

    The false ceiling is beautiful, can you tell me how you hung it up, what material you used and how many yards you used. Thanks

  • Carol Lopez

    Hi good morning/afternoon/evening, I’m starting to plan my daughter’s wedding and we are on a budget. Where did you find your beautiful decorations? Did you decorate the gym yourself or did you have an event planning company do that part?

  • Tiare Hee

    Hi stunningly beautiful ! How much fabric did it take or the ceiling and walls, What type of fabric did you use?

  • Bianca

    That is a gorgeous wedding! can you help me… How much fabric did it take or the ceiling and walls, What type of fabric did you use? thanks

Samantha | 6 months

Smiles, little lips, hats, big eyes, a tutu, elephants and one happy little family…what a fun session with Samantha, she was a doll!  Mom and Dad get the award for some great Etsy finds, my favorite is the original elephant painting in the nursery.


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  • Wendy Robertson

    What a fun photo shoot! Love the Alabama outfit and the football hat! 😉 Love all the hats and her cute little tongue sticking out!!! What a cute baby, and I love all the elephant touches in her room!

  • Alisha

    Love those chunky legs!

  • So many facial expressions!

  • Jessica

    The hats ’bout killed me.



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  • jb

    I miss those faces.

  • Hi Kim, cute kids! That dress you liked was from persnickety.

  • Sweet as sweet can be!

  • Lori

    Love how the black and white brings out their eyes! They are so cute together!

lost and found


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  • hope

    Always a joy to find something so loved!

  • Diana

    Yeah!! Welcome home puppy!!

  • jb

    Oh good!!