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A plantation & us in the city | NOLA part II

Ummm…hello beautiful oak trees, I could spend all day under you.  Oak Alley Plantation. Cafe Du Monde…home of the famous beignets…yum!!  Riding trolleys, dancing to the street music, walking on the levees, riding the ferry, touring a plantation, drinking mint julep, shopping (note the safari type hat Grant is sporting…if you know him at all…


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  • Karen

    Fabulous! I love it all! I’m so happy for you to have a great little getaway. Happy times! As always, your pictures are amazing.

  • Dawn

    Had a college friend that her hometown was New Orleans… we went often to visit her family. I am not a big seafood/creole person but oh how I devoured beignets!! We went often during Mardi Gras but I preferred the times we didn’t (quiet and less crowded, of course)… loved the Garden District, trollies, and street vendors. I haven’t been in so many years and Shawn has never been, I should go show him around…

  • Quincy

    Wow, those plantation pictures are just absolutely incredible! This looks like such fun times for your family. A little getaway can be so special. Good times for the Greenfields! You should frame that last picture of you and Mark.

  • Sara

    What an amazing adventure! I love how you are livin’ up your time in the south. It totally reminds me of what your mom would have done if she were in your shoes. I’m curious to know how far of a drive it was.

  • Charity

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tree pictures! So beautiful! If I could, I’d live my life in a hammock under those gorgeous trees! I think my blood pressure lowered just looking at them!

A fun trip to New Orleans! | part I

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to take an impromptu road trip to New Orleans!  We are SO glad we did and had a fantastic time!  We would recommend it to anyone a very fun city!  We walked around, rode trolleys, listened to music, ate amazing food and there were countless things to see and…


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  • Jen

    Love, Love, Love. I hope some of these find a place on the wall of your home. So beautiful.

  • Sara

    Not too mention how cool their LDS church was too! What a fabulous weekend!

  • Natalie

    I love the architecture and vibrant colors. So many cool buildings. Beautiful pictures.

hydrangeas | this & that

I love hydrangeas, they remind me of Mimi and Granddad and Mary Poppins 🙂 My favorite boy is now going to go on to be a big fourth grader!  School is out for the summer and what a summer we have planned! If not running around outside, you can almost always find him on the…

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  • Dawn

    I’m sure Grace is thrilled to have Grant full-time too. Our kids love any form of water play… on the lake with the boat, beach, pools. There is a pool and pond on our original landscaping master plan but they have yet to come to fruition. Hopefully in the near future though…

Mallory class of 2012!

I say it every time…I love to photograph high school senior girls!  Mallory is simply beautiful.  She graduated this week and has great plans ahead… congrats!


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  • Thank you so much!! She looks amazing. I can’t wait till she comes back from the beach and sees them all. I’m sending her the link 🙂

  • Absolutely beautiful. She could be a cover model. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Congratulations of graduating.