being happy

I already posted my latest favorite quote on Facebook and here on the blog, but I really love it: Be happy now.  Grace has been a bit of a challenge lately, having very strong and emotional opinions about anything and everything, thus leading to some very big fits.  This morning however, we were driving to preschool at a friend’s and she said, I’m being so happy, right!?  And she was-she had a good morning without any tantrums.  I’m so glad she recognized it, to be happy now, in the moment of today.  I told her what a good feeling that is and I know she knew.  Love this Itty Bitty in all her happiness and three year oldness!


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  • Karen

    Ahhhh…what a sweet moment. I love that dress on her. Brings out her pretty eyes.

  • I have to laugh, because I was just talking to a friend and she was saying that “Be happy now” was nice, but it just felt like one more thing she has to do.

  • Ahh. . . .little girls. Aren’t their emotions everywhere? Hope she will live by your motto!

  • Lori

    She IS a cutie! It can be a challenge to feel happy and it’s nice that she recognizes being happy now. :o) I really like the new look of your website!

  • Annette Tschiffely

    We would love a picture of your family.